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More Than Enough

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

By Desirea Roberts, Living Hope Alumnus

Some things, attributes, decisions, or even conclusions are birthed from the most compromising places. I can remember when I didn’t pray, when I first began to pray and now where I breathe prayer, without ceasing (I Thess. 5. 17).

What is Prayer?

Prayer has a longing estate in the innermost part of my being. It isn’t ritualistic or what would be considered a common duty for me. It is, however, a gift, a tool, a desired relationship, a wall of protection, and a host of many things from Elohim. Therefore, I speak with confidence concerning prayer and the promises allocated to all believers through prayer. “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God” (Phil. 4. 6). I’m certain I will never learn all there is to learn about prayer while I’m in this earthen temple, but I’m delighted to share what great revelation I’ve received during my recent research.

“Prayer is a conversation of the heart with God. We grow in our relationship with Him. And when we are united with our Lord through prayer, our lives become fuller, richer, more joyous and more peaceful” (Gills 3). Millions of Americans possibly own some sort of Ford vehicle model and will never be able to express their gratitude or possible discontent with Henry Ford. How great it is to know that we have the ability to converse with whom Created us. Then, once conversing begins, we are enhanced in all aspects of our lives because, He who’s omniscient, knows how to perfect our imperfections while encouraging us.

How do we begin to pray? We become intimate with Him, by learning His Word and the person of Jesus Christ (Gills 6). We also become committed, “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24. 15). We must make a conscience, thus Spirit led, declaration to serve, worship, and bow before a holy God in all humility withholding nothing.

I’ve had many explorations in my life, none of which, equate to a mere spec of the beauty I’ve experienced since the first time my palms were pressed together as I kneeled to pray. As I conversed with God, surrendering all in total commitment, I perceived no showy outward experiences but inwardly I was immersed in stillness; resulting in peace and encompassing love. This journey I’ve embarked upon has been far greater than learning, its revolutionary!

I Can't Quit

Yes, I take great delight and prayer but sometimes there will be roadblocks. James P. Gills speaks concerning roadblocks to prayer stating, “No matter how much we desire that relationship with Him, we’re never to be free from obstacles. We must battle our own egos, the agendas of our families and peers, and what the world tells us about success to stay in a relationship of prayer with our Lord” (6). One might say, how can ego impede upon prayer? The centrality of the Cross rest upon ego and man’s need for an achieved sovereignty. Jesus being of no sin had to become sin allowing us to see that we are in need of more than just ourselves (II Cor. 5. 21). How desperately I desire the greatest for my family and friends, but I must always remember the same Savior who saved me shall save them. I am not in any means saying I don’t pray for my family, indeed I make mention of them daily; however, I must keep my heart aligned with God’s so that I pray His will and not my own for them and their lives. For instance, I might want a million dollars for them and God may know if they received it surely they’ll perish after becoming burden by not being able to handle such responsibility. Let’s not forget to mention that three letter word we often omit “Sin’. Certainly we’re programmed to see the broad scope of sin and not its secret parts or many facets. I’ve come to see that even the most approved sin to man is still undesired sin to God and it will create separation between you and God when you begin to approach His throne without confession and repentance.

Change is Coming

Once you begin to pray, you become committed, and roadblocks are removed, then what? What’s the necessity? Personally, I believe each day serves a new purpose or need for prayer. “I believe it is necessary. Ours prayers can bring revival. They can bring healing. We can change a nation” (Sheets 23). Who doesn’t desire inclusion of the grand scheme of things? I’m delighted to be a part of God’s grand design. I’m encouraged. The greatest part is knowing that my disqualification is what qualified me by God. A few months back I had a family member who I called during a difficult time in their life and (completely unaware) they were wanting to commit suicide. While on the phone I sensed an uneasy feeling so I began to pray. Several days later they called and informed me, “I don’t know what happen during prayer but I was about to commit suicide and something calmed me and made me feel as if everything would be ok”. Now, in no fashion am I assuming responsibility for why they didn’t go forward, but I do believe things might have ended differently had I not been willing to allow God to transfer His words of love and encouragement through me. There’s absolute power in earnest, faithful, and fervent prayer, not ritualistic repetitive prayer, but prayer that honors God and reveals His grace and mercy.

Some psychologist believe violence in games, movies, or at home may birth violent tendencies in children. They’ve also concluded, parents that are obese may create similar eating habits in their children. The Bible states, “Bad company corrupts good morals” or births not so good behavior (I Cor. 15. 33). Furthermore, God can birth things in and through the believer in prayer. God has birthed in me a compassion for people, a desire for continuous communion with Him, and forgiveness towards others (just to mention a few) through prayer. To bring clarity so there no misconception, “We don’t birth anything spiritually, the Holy Spirit does” (Dutch 121). Howbeit, when the Spirit of God prompts us to pray such birthing agents shall supersede all that of common reactions for His greater good. In First Samuel 1:9-28, Hannah prays for a son (Samuel) allowing God not only to bring forth physical birth of a son (Samuel) but spiritual birth of increased faith by supplying her heart’s desire. I’m often frightened and at awe by the phenomenon of child birth and I’m inclined to believe that’s just a small token as to what God really wishes to birth in those who shall follow Him with their whole heart.

I believe God can use my prayers to move Heaven and Earth. I resolved to abandon all I’ve ever known to have regular meetings with God. I’m elated that nothing and no one is true loss to know the love, power, majesty, and mercies of God. I don’t mind the toil and anguish that often comes to those who pray with persistence, obedience and often blind faith believing that God will show Himself mightily in His timing. God has all power, He makes great use of my prayers and even when I see no apparent changes I’m persuaded, with great assurance, He’s still listening.

The Great Spurgeon

Such love and compassion we develop when we present our friends, family and enemies before God in prayer. “I do not know anything which, through the grace of God, may be a better means of uniting us the one to the other than constant prayer for each other” (Spurgeon). We become as one recognizing we are all in need of God’s grace and mercy. “You cannot harbor enmity in your soul against your brother after you have learned to pray for him. If he hath done you ill, when you have taken that ill to the mercy seat, and prayed over it, you must forgive”(Spurgeon). They greatest tool I know to aid in forgiveness is prayer. Recently someone had wrought me and spoke to me by means I consider intolerable and I felt I had every right to approach them with similar force, but after prayer I couldn’t find the fault I had wanted to present before them. God reminded me that if He dealt with me accordingly where I would be.

"And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends"(Job 42. 10). When we focused our hearts towards the needs of others evil can’t prevail. The Lord shall loosen my bonds because I’ve laid my problems at His feet and lifted the needs of my fellow companion to His ear. We mustn’t remained fixed on prayers that consistently include I. If I have no need to see God’s grace and mercy in the lives of my neighbor then I question my motives and my seat in The Kingdom of God.

In closing of Charles Spurgeon’s discourse concerning prayer he stated this:
I begin thus, by saying, Brethren, how can you and I repay the debt we owe to the Church unless we pray for others? How was it that you were converted? It was because somebody else prayed for you. I, in tracing back my own conversion, cannot fail to impute it, through God's Spirit, to the prayers of my mother. I believe that the Lord heard her earnest cries when I knew not that her soul was exercised about me. There are many of you that were prayed for when you were asleep in your cradles as unconscious infants.

The ultimate intercessor gave His life for us. “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom. 5. 8). Having known this great grace and mercy, I agree, we have a debt to the Church that can’t be satisfied, but we can show gratitude by praying for each other. I pray because I know someone prayed for me.

Many people lie laden by sorrows of their past, present or future. A new believer is seeking hope but needs an extra push. An atheist refuses to believe. A family member is need of healing. Christians are being martyred. A woman has been brutally raped. I have no ends as to why I should pray, because in every aspect of life something is requiring prayer. I can stand in the inconveniences of life knowing I’m heard by God. It’s far greater than imagine. It’s hope for the hopeless. It’s seed for the sower. It’s harvest for the laborer. It’s a scheduled meeting through Jesus for me. It’s without a doubt more than enough.


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